English summary

The estate was founded by Friedrich Schuch in 1817, and it has been in the family since then. The current proprietor’s grandmother, Elisabeth Günther (nee Schuch), was the last of the family born with the name Schuch marrying Carl Günther. With Michael Günther, born 1951, as today’s owner, the estate is in the possession of the seventh generation of the Schuch-Günther family. Michael Günther is married to Birgit and has a daughter called Denise. The family is looking forward Denise being the next owner of the estate.

The vineyards are spread over 12 ha, 50 % are on flat, 30 % on gently sloping and 20 % on steeply sloping terrain. The soils are sandstone loess and loess-loam and the world famous Roter Hang soil, a very old soil called Rotliegend. Within the Roter Hang hill the estate owns classified sites, e.g. Niersteiner Hipping, Niersteiner Orbel, Niersteiner Ölberg.

The grapes variety is based on old and traditional grapes: 50 % Riesling, 10 % Burgundy grapes (Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay), 5 % Müller-Thurgau, 3 % Silvaner , some of the fruity-tasting new grapes like Scheurebe, Sauvignon blanc, Gewürztraminer and Kerner (7 %) and 25 % of red grapes including Pinot Noir and the newcomer Merlot.

The estate sets great store by individually development of the typical taste of the different grapes. Within the Riesling grape the winemaker in additional pays attention to the classified sites of the Roter Hang hill, so that’s possible to taste the different soils in the wines.

Since grandmothers time the estate produces well balanced wines with a harmony of acidity and sweetness. The estate is famous for the fruity sweet wines, mostly with residual sweetness, now having proportional 55 % . 15 % of the wines are off dry and a growing percentage of the wines are dry and fresh but harmonic wines.

The vinification takes place in different tanks, depending on the variety of the grapes and the type of the wine, that is wanted. Wooden barrels are used for the red wines, the Burgundy grapes and some Riesling, the modern steel and glass fiber tanks for the fresh and spritzig wine type e.g. for Riesling, Silvaner and the fruity types of grapes like Kerner and Scheurebe.

The estate also belongs to the Roter Hang Association

This association attaches importance to make top quality wines with the special taste of the Roter Hang soil. The Roter Hang is a very old (280 million years old) soil, called Rotliegend, just a small part of a hill arising to 150 metres from the Rhine. This famous hill is situated on the Rhine valley, looking to the south and south-west. The Rotliegend soil is a red soil of loam, slated within the millions of years, including around 9 % of iron. This soil gives especially the Riesling grape a absolutely unique taste, so the Niersteiner Roter Hang Riesling is one of the most famous Riesling all over the world.

Being famous for the fruity sweet wines, the estate collects a lot of old and sweet wines rarities. Therefore individual bottles of older vintages, as well as Eiswein rarities are available since now.

Points of interest in the estate are the partly 400 years old oak barrel cellar having around 1500 square metres, the Jugendstil tasting room and a vault cellar, where the owner or the winemaker of the estate give wine seminars if requested.

The policy of the estate is making superb balanced wines of exceptional quality with the individual taste of the grape, the vintage and the soil.

Being famous for fruity sweet wines, the winemaker now is in additional proceeding towards the modern style of harmonic dry wines.

We also offer you a variety of events „around the wine“. Please contact us and we’ll find an individual way for you to have some gorgeous hours or days in our estate and Rheinhessen.